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  1. I have tried with the Galaxy Note 3 internet browser and Google Chrome and both get the same blank screen
  2. It is just a blank screen
  3. I cannot get it to work on my Galaxy Note 3
  4. That's ok it was just a question thanks
  5. The reason for it is that I use Gallery for a Group that is a subscription so the non payers cannot see what is in there but I would like to give the non subscrition members a preview to to to encourage them to pay the subscription.
  6. I have installed it and works ok but I wanted it to be seen by members that do not have access to the Gallery but the main Gallery permissions over ride the hook permission I think. Is there a way to make it work like I want please?
  7. Will this work with the latest version please?
  8. Thank you Andy
  9. I am looking at buying Gallery, I would like to know if I can restrict it to only Admin can create and upload Albums and photos and only Admin and VIP Member groups can see the photos. I would also like to rename Gallery to V.I.P. Area and if someone clicks on the galley that is not a VIP Member I would like a message to say You need to Subscribe to VIP to see the gallery. Is it also possible to embed Vimeo videos in Gallery? Is this possible and is it easy to change the Gallery name to VIP Area? Thank you for your help
  10. I asked this on another topic and got a reply;- HERE
  11. I have a small problem, it all works ok except when I press the View All Updates buuton at the bottom and I just get a white screen. Any ideas Please?
  12. No I just iported the hook and set it to 10 members and 15 guests and it worked.
  13. Works for me on 3.4.4
  14. Tried to delete post wrong forum sorry
  15. Looks excellent, I really like that members can upload photos from cell phone. Thank you.