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    not working with 4.1.15
    Not working with 4.1.15
  1. Any idea?
  2. I want only this Because i'm not using the others. Any discount ? -Forums: Top Topics Starter
  3. I bought this item, it's great. Can you add, top topic authors?
  4. Any update for 4.1.x ? It doesn't work after 4.0.13
  5. i uninstalled and reinstalled again, it worked :/ Thank you
  6. Doesn't work with 4.0.13
  7. Doesn't work with 4.0.11 All new member can send pm, i set it to 3 content.
  8. Any update for ips4 ? Please
  9. Any update for 3.4.x ? when i active the hook it's working but on mobile skin, there is no poll :) thank you
  10. No i can't. i was disable hook and refreshed (cache) all messages..
  11. topic content not shown All skins is same..You can not see the topic content..when you click ''edit'' button it's coming.. in addition to Some image links doesn't appear... When you click to edit button images are coming... should be fix, thank you.
  12. Hi, i'm zbahadır's assistant; you can't import now but we can be add this, later.. Thank you for your attention :)
  13. Today, September 7th... i think, We paid for nothing.. since 20 July 2012