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  1. Not sure why I spent 10$ on this, since in my use case this is useless, right now. Since it points to the IP address of the frontend servers ;) Why do you check $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']? You really should use $this->member->ip_address . You have to consider that the setting use HTTP X FORWARDED FOR could be in effect.
  2. I did a grep for both isInGroup and mgroup_others in the groups application folder and it does not seem like you check secondary groups for any of the group settings.
  3. So I found the following today: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/documentation/index.html/_/developer-resources/api-methods/34-editor-and-parsing-methods-r797 I've read it, but I'm still somewhat unsure if I understood it correctly... I want to be able to look at the BBcode directly (no magic annoying wysiwyg and be able to use the buttons in that mode). So my question is, is this how it will be in 3.4? And how will it look?