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  1. Having had a chance to use this and already have a moderator do an accident click on mobile (fortunately I only have it set to hide), an undo button for this that would revert everything to pre-click settings would be great.
  2. I'm most interested in what you guys have to say about where you see the future of the industry going. It could be a pretty interesting podcast just to listen to banter every few weeks talking about what you've noticed and things you want to get out in front of development wise. Lots of institutional knowledge built up in your group.
  3. Wanted to give public thanks to your team for handling my migration to v4. It is awesome and they were extremely helpful and patient. This is such a massive upgrade from 3!
  4. This is awesome. Authy is really slick and easy to use.
  5. It's still a milestone!
  6. Will you be able to categorize one level up? (These 5 clubs are part of club category 1 since they are all related to X, these other 6 clubs are part of club category 2 since they are all related to Y, etc)
  7. If you can convince a community dev to take a look, there might be a similar way to limit the button to only show for users with less than X posts.
  8. ... of official security support for invision 3 series? Congrats on the milestone! I'm still testing 4 with my mod team to get them up to speed, but basically ready to migrate. I'm sure there are a few other tardy users like myself who have gotten every last drop of use from 3.x. It was a great product, I'm sad it's life is officially over but also excited to move to the next phase. Any crazy stories about developing 3 or other specific memories looking back?
  9. Also, any chance you might implement a list view for clubs, or purely textual, vs more of the "card" format? I can think of certain implementations that could benefit from different ways of organizing the main club screen - being able to have club directories for example, based on a common denominator (educations forums may have clubs under each school, etc) - it might be easier to navigate the main club screen in those scenarios if each club group had a card or some primary header, and clubs under each grouping could be listed as links under that. Perhaps a template issue and could be done as a 3rd party skin, but alternate presentation styles out of the box might be a nice way to immediately extend implementation options. Edit: This is realistically a game changer for my site - I can pretty much replace all of my forum categorization with clubs. However, it does seem that if you have lots and lots and lots of club (20-30+) it would be nice to have a way to group them together or otherwise organize such that the main club overview page doesn't get too unwieldy. Sorry if this sounds like a downer feature request vs excitement btw - it is very exciting!
  10. Right, so there would be forum level moderators, and club level moderators. All forum level moderators are by default able to moderate any club, but club level moderators can only moderate within clubs they are moderators of, and admins can determine separate permission sets for forum level moderators and club level moderators, such that forum level moderators might be able to delete posts, but club level moderators can only hide posts, etc.
  11. Presumably the member would need permission to move their own thread to begin with, or will this work on a granular level so they could have limited (or no) ability to move threads within regular forums, but could move threads they created to a club they are a member of? Just thinking through how permissions would work.
  12. I have a lot of long running threads for essentially what are ad hoc clubs members have created - things like sports fantasy pools, etc. this will be a great way to organize all that.
  13. This is an epic add. Wow.
  14. Any chance the linked could be integrated?
  15. @Lindy needs to be put into a usergroup where the only reaction available to him is: