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  1. Well, my issue has been fixed. I uninstalled the application, and reinstalled it and it worked fine. Before when I tried to uninstall it I got a bunch of errors, but when I tried it on Chrome it worked fine. Either it didn't like Safari, or it just wasn't working correctly at the time. Whatever the reason, it's working fine now. Thanks for the help. :)
  2. All my other applications work fine, it's just the shoutbox that redirects to the admin dashboard, everything else goes to the correct page.
  3. I have deleted and re-uploaded the files multiple times, with no success or even any change.
  4. When it is a red X, I can not see it under the "My Apps" Tab, if I change it to a green check, I can see it under the "My Apps" Tab, but when clicking on it, I am redirecting to the ACP homepage.
  5. I did that, but where would I go to manage the application and enable the shoutbox? Under the "My Apps" tab, the Shoutbox is listed under it, but when I click on it, I am redirected to the ACP Dashboard.
  6. Ok, I took some screenshots, and this is what happens. @Andyf: I have uploaded all the files to the correct place. When I click "Install" I am taken to this page: Once I log in, I am then taken to the requirement page, once I hit next, I am then taken to this page: I can not move on from that page, for there is nothing to check.
  7. I seem to be having a problem with this. For some reason, when I hit "Install" to install it, it takes me through all the steps and I click next until I come to the step where it wants me to select what to install. For some reason, there is no check box next to the shoutbox mod, and there is no check box next to anything else, is there any reason why this is?