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  1. Um, yeah, iframes being posted are flagged as XSS and blocked by that header, regardless of whether they are trusted. I don't think your server should be deciding that header, that is the software's decision based on it's needs.
  2. Per title. It really, really, looks bad. I managed to hack in a horizontal layout with some css, but it's not something that is something I can share due to a lot of nth-of-type usage that meets my specific usage but wouldn't work well with more or less filterable fields. Every other widget has a horizontal view. Please consider baking one in for this.
  3. That's not the way oauth2 is supposed to work. That is for authorizing the user's login, not for authorizing the user's session, the latter of which is quite intentionally left to the application to handle. Not sure why you would actively force people to log in every time they view the site instead of allowing it to be remembered...
  4. Edit the theme setting labeled 'Feeds Layout' and change it from 'List' to 'Grid'.
  5. That's unfortunately outside the scope of this modification. That said, it can be achieved with a quick edit to the 'Category Articles' template in use(check the database settings to be sure which template group is in use). In the 'entry' template of the template group in use, find: <section class='ipsType_normal ipsType_richText ipsType_break ipsSpacer_bottom' data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-size='7 lines' data-ipsTruncate-type='remove'> Adjust the data-ipsTruncate-size='7 lines' part as desired.
  6. Thank you for the PM granting access. For other's reference, this was an odd one, with an RSS 2.0 feed using ATOM elements causing IPS' parser to choke silently and falsely return no feed items. The best way to determine if such is my problem's or IPS' is to make a new admin-only forum, and make a new RSS/ATOM Import in the forums application, from the forums application, using the troublesome RSS\ATOM URL. If you still see no results/imports, submit a ticket to IPS referencing the forums application import and the admin-only forum created, and have them look into why the parser won't play nice with the feed. Otherwise, please do post here, as that would be my problem. If, as the affected site's admin, you don't have/use the forums app to test with, i'll still be happy to debug any issues like this, and either fix it if it is my problem, or pass on my findings to help expedite support if it is indeed a core issue.
  7. what is the RSS feed source url please?
  8. what are you trying to do specifically, and what has you stumped? installation is as normal via upload .tar via install application from the ACP, then visit and configure the desired functionality for imports and/or feed listing under the new Feeds tab on the left.
  9. Here is actually a point where I differ from the core implementation highly. The 'feed list' will paginate and truncate(with the ability to 'show' the truncated text available) the feed items based on configuration. The imports however are not truncated in any way, nor will I ever add such a feature. The feed list can safely truncate on display, but in imports I would have to risk truly truncating before save, which nearly guarantees broken HTML, or stripping HTML, thus is not something that I will add to this app.
  10. I wouldn't say better honestly. Different. I offer the ability to import every item in a feed as a new post, instead of as a new topic, as well as importing RSS to Pages Database records. I also offer a standalone categorized rss feed listing, as well as an rss widget with a few more options than the default one that comes with Pages. Again, not really better, just a different approach. I do not however offer a demo, or refunds, so please do ask any specific questions you may have about the application here in this topic before buying.
  11. Hello Yurri, This is resolved on your site now, and I've released a new version addressing the issue. Regards.
  12. Hello Yurri, Thank you, now I'm making some progress into the issue. Please check your PM.
  13. Please disable cloudflare. Once again, the javascript is so busted on your site I cannot properly investigate what is going on there. Are you sure this isn't a repeat of the issue you initially had that had nothing to do with my application? If it persists with cloudflare disabled, let me know, but I'm not about to go hunting down CF being silly again.
  14. It should be, and yes. My apologies, been busy. Could you elaborate, please? As of your latest post you indicated it was working fine, I'd like to resolve any issues that arise, but I can't read minds...
  15. I'm having a hard time understanding how this 'solution' helps. Modders are already having issues keeping things updated with all the bc breaks from feature adds at apparent whim, and the proposed solution is to require more work from them? Semantic versioning, pretty, pretty, pretty please. It would help a lot.