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  1. Is there anyone alive out there?
  2. Will it possible get separate number of all reactions (of all types) by account? I want to display it in user proflle. I.e. if i got 800 upvotes and 200 downvotes, i want it display it "as is" instead of sum (600 rep). For example: Now: My suggestion:
  3. Integration with

  4. Naming for spoilers

    @Simon Woods, thanks. But i'm sure it's something what must be in IPS by default, because it's too useful and too easy-to-implement and there is really no any objective reason to do not do that.
  5. New: Editor Uploading

    Can't wait for screenshot insertion from clipboard. Just like here.
  6. New: Clubs

    The thing which we're waiting more is possibility for all users of making their own forums (categories).
  7. Hmm... How about existing downvotes? How they will be converted and present in new system?
  8. Thanks, captain! But this topic is not a question about current possibilities, but a suggestion of missed option
  9. What? It does not related thing at all.
  10. Could you add a youtube-like display of reputation? I.e. separate like/dislike counters instead of sum of both. Example: font awesome ids: <i class="fa fa-thumbs-o-up"></i> <i class="fa fa-thumbs-o-down"></i>
  11. New: Delayed Deletes

    How about delayed (planned) posting?