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  1. Sadly, no.
  2. We all know that some really useful features was removed after the public test of 4.0 (e.g. per-group setting "Can open/close own topics?") So, i have 2 questions: How do you decide to remove some features? This decisions are based only on your(dev teams) opinion about necessity of this features, or decisions are based on statistics on use of those features? Why you don't collect data on configurations used on our separate installations? Doing this you can get a lot of very valuable information about real features usage. Also it can help to make better default settings based on this info. Personally I would like to send info about my configuration to IPS if it will be really used to improve your products.
  3. I know and already did, but it's a suggestion to implement it by default. Even if we know how to implement it on our installations, why do not make all IPS forums better? Our users really love this feature
  4. +1. We all want preview button.
  5. @Peter Wilcox, could you explain in which cases it could be useful?
  6. Really? Then, this post is a good example for you, does not it?
  7. You're wrong. Only "pasting + Enter" will display it automatically. This behaviour is not obvious, a lot of users don't know about it. Also it's not suitable if user don't want go to next line. Btw, your post is not related to problem described above, because button exists. I just suggest better place to display it.
  8. New position of this button is strange and confusing for most of users: How about this change:
  9. How about this feature? Easy in implementation, but very useful.
  10. Also missed this option. Please, bring it back!
  11. Please, read carefully. I mean on admin level for all users:
  12. Could you just give us an option to choose the default state of setting "Paste as plain text by default" ?
  13. Yes, this is what i already doing since 3.x, but it's not a solution. Proposed option is a more flexible and correct way.
  14. With the blessings of text-overflow:ellipsis; we will win.