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  1. Are you using IP pages for the index? I am looking to do something similar for one of my sites. Can I ask what plugins you needed to achieve that index layout? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, OK ta. So is it ONLY new topics? IE not topics that have replies
  3. Hi, Before I purchase this I have a quick question. I want to rss all new forum topics ONLY (ie - NOT topic replies) into a wordpress blog Will this plugin do that? Many thanks in advance actually I do have a part 2 to the question Can I rss... forum category a to wordpress category a forum category b to wordpress category b forum category c to wordpress category c etc
  4. that's brilliant news - My new project is not live to members so if you need any help beta testing we are happy to purchase early
  5. any idea when the 4.1 version will be available - I would like to use this on a new project thanks
  6. I deleted the firs slider for gallery and now the forum one is saving however it worked once and now when i click into a topic and back out I am left with just that spinning sun Is this server intensive and if so how can I configure it so it loads quickly - i have had the spinning sun for a couple of minutes now and i notice server load is alot higher than normal thanks
  7. Hi, I am trying to create a list of the latest 10 topics for each category I have created the slider But when I go to add and save it on the category page it is not saving and I keep getting that default text "This block cannot be shown> This could be because it needs configuring etc etc......" Any ideas or is it because I don't have a url filled out for On-the-fly Image Resizing URL as I didn't know this might be a requirement? thanks
  8. I am being told that group promotion only works if a member " That is correct, however this requires an action. So if they have not logged into the site since, then there is no action on that user, and they would not be promoted. " We have set group promotion as follows: Group Promotion - Move members of this group to Basic Member when they reach 2 days since joining. So theoritically if a member logs in again after joining they should be promoted - yes or no? Have we got this completely wrong or has the IPS tech got it wrong? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, We have just noticed that the status update is not working correctly We have set the staus author to ourselves, Admin but the post shows it is coming from the user to the user, IE - dashnine > dashnine
  10. LOL OK that's great that site indexing works fine This power gives me the ability now to protect topic post content but tease the guest to register as they seem a smiggin of the dimmed content Great stuff - gets me out of a big hole now that that cloak plugin doesn't work at the moment
  11. did you miss the word effect?
  12. If i setup my popup to pop on every topic page to drive guests to the register page, will this have any negative impact on search bots indexing the site?
  13. Hi, Is there any update on the issue of guests viewing attachments? This is causing alot of distress to our members thanks To add we are even happy to pay this plugin if it works correctly thanks
  14. hi, I have reinstalled easy popup and that seems to have fixed it
  15. Hi, Since upgrading to latest version of IPS we get the following message at the bottom of the page However we get this in both themes and we definately have the latest versions Template easypopup/front/embed/script does not exist. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]