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  1. @Mark, Is this just a framewaork or comeup with built-in options....?
  2. I again verified and it still same! :sad:
  3. I'm on LATEST version of IPB and all it's apps.
  4. In addition to that I'm getting the following error:
  5. After seeing "Update Available" label in AdminCP, I downloaded and upgraded hook to latest version. Reached all hooks and cleared all cache. It keep showing the same message!
  6. Awesome! This is going to not only increase Marketplace apps, but also improve IPS revenue! :)
  7. I didn't quite fully understand the concept, but seems to be a good approach! Is it going to open doors for direct integration of 3rd party applications like WordPress?
  8. Great work! Finally you guys agreed on ..... pink color! :)
  9. Yup! It's working now! Thanks.
  10. I'm getting too many errors! So I turned it off for now?
  11. I think so! I'm getting issues once I started configuring that hook!
  12. No, I edited as you described. I even downloaded the file to Desktop via FTP and verified it. I even recached all templates, blocks and cleared entire cache! No luck!
  13. Excellent! Excellent again! Is it going to convert all existing posts content from BBCode to HTML in database then?
  14. Didn't work for me! I edited and uploaded the file. And then recached all blocks and cleared total cache. The problem still exist!
  15. This is what I found in media.html content: {parse database="media_system"}<br class="ccsClearfix"><br class="ccsClearfix"> ???