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  1. Hmmm, disabled it and still showing. Is there another hook that would interfere?
  2. Why am I still showing up in both lists? I'm the admin.
  3. I've got all the settings correct and it is not showing up on my sidebar. I'm sorry, nevermind :) Didn't realize someone had to actually be viewing a thread ^^
  4. Ah ok :) Wonderful app! Gave 5 stars!
  5. The navigation bar count is not working for me and I have the hook enabled and have posted a ticket myself and had a member post one.
  6. I love this hook!! One of my favorites! Good work =) What would be neat is if you could mention someone in the shoutbox. Also, when you edit your post and try to add in a mention it doesn't work.
  7. Your forum folder/hooks/awardsPostView_agazillionnumbers here ;)
  8. Geez I finally found it, LOL! Thanks!
  9. LOL s'ok! Where exactly do I find this file?
  10. Could you tell me how to do this?
  11. Is it possible when you hover over the award in post view to have the note a user leaves show, instead of the award name?
  12. Not showing up in my profile settings =( I have to disable profile songs in order for it to show up.
  13. Nice!! Fast response too =) I like it!
  14. Thank you =) How come when I choose to disable the autostart it still autostarts?
  15. Like it but had to uninstall it. Once you install it and then try to edit anything in your settings it takes you to the same general settings link =/