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  1. done
  2. Hi, upgraded from older version, getting this error on front end when trying to view it Fatal error: Class 'IPS\downloads\Category' not found in /home/vildmed1/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(718) : eval()'d code on line 1296 Link is
  3. Is it possible to upgrade license, or do i have to buy again?
  4. Nice :-) Looking forward to it :-)
    I am getting this on 4.1.9 [Error] No URL To Display on Passed!
    This is not compatible with Dimension // ipsfocus 4.1.8 Theme, the top images do not show when this is enabled Would like to see a feature to block access to the site completely with AdBlock enabled :-)
  5. Really looking forward to this :-)
  6. Is the data saved in databases that can be used from pages app? I need the data submitted in the forms to be displayed on custom pages :-)
  7. Any ETA on this?
  8. Sad - but thanks for the update :-)
  9. Any news? :-)
  10. Reset when pressing 'edit...' and viewing
  11. I could use the following functionality, don't know if it's already available? : - Form field for game date - Form field (text) for game place (adress, or in my case, which golf course) - Form field for marker name (text) - Form field for actual score (text or number) In other words, just the ability to add a number of form fields to gather info about each game..
  12. Looking forward to it :-)
  13. Looking forward to this. Paid for the old version but never got round to actually using it :-) My installation is Golf sport related, and want my members to use it for both virtual and actual tournaments :-)