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  1. Hi Jarrett, I don't have the answer to your question but maybe you have one to mine: Are you using this on ips If so, does it work properly? aside from articles image.
  2. Deactivated everything, no change
  3. I will try to deactivate plugins an apps to see. I have not edited css or html template.
  4. Hi @TAMAN Having some issues with the editor. When I want to post in forum or articles the editor looks like this I also tried different skins for the editor but icons and text don't show up. What can I do?
  5. Got it thank you! I forgot I needed to open my eyes.
  6. Where do I change the text color for downloads submissions? I can't read it lol
    I use both menu from fosters, downloads and forums, they both work as intended with no change to be made. Very simple. Thank you!!
  7. Pre-sale questions: Is this still being maintain? Does it still work?
    I just love this plugin, makes my forum look tons better.
    Works like a charm. Thanks!
    Absolutely gorgeous theme and much easier to customize then others. Everything just falls into place even with third party applications and plugins. Thank you
  8. Hi, Is there a way to mass add prefixes to a whole download category? If so how? Steph
  9. Too bad, I really liked the idea!
    That app with the rules app makes managing point currency a breeze. The commerce integration was also necessary for me and it works great. Good job!
    This is, to me an essential app, with the rules application. It makes every URLs look exactly like I want! Super job!