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  1. Hi, Is there a way to mass add prefixes to a whole download category? If so how? Steph
  2. Too bad, I really liked the idea!
    That app with the rules app makes managing point currency a breeze. The commerce integration was also necessary for me and it works great. Good job!
    This is, to me an essential app, with the rules application. It makes every URLs look exactly like I want! Super job!
  3. Hi, Are psd's included? Thank you
  4. Most welcomed news.
  5. That would be Ideal
  6. Bought it and it doesn't work with ipdownload.
  7. Does this bookmark system work with ips download app? Thank you
  8. Did anyone test with ips4?
  9. Come on, want a rebate to renew, pretty please!
  10. Any coupons floating around? I want to renew.
  11. Well done, you are tempting me.
  12. Never mind, saw the post with the fix, Thank you for posting it.
  13. I am having problems getting it to work too. I followed all the steps but I keep getting error for the twitterer test.