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  1. ​It doesn't take much css work to change the colors for each different tag. It would honestly be easier than creating a custom plugin.
  2. I'd also like to know if this works for 3.4.6. Also, will it be updated for 4.0 without repurchasing?
  3. If you have that many unique registered users visiting per day, I'd go with self-hosting. But registered users are different than page views. I pay about $3/month for hosting, and own an IPB license. So I find it much easier on the pocket. However, if you don't feel confident in managing your own stuff, you can always go with the IPS hosted stuff.
  4. I can't see any images in the Marketplace :(

  5. Suite

    Would be nice to see some more icons. Even if they're not strictly social media icons., steam, xfire, Teamspeak, Ustream, Minecraft, etc.
  6. I searched a little but didn't find what I wanted. Can we add more functions for auto-awarding? Such as: User registered for 1 year, 2 years, etc Total online time, 20hrs, 30hrs, etc 30, 40, 50 PMs sent 20, 30, 40 Topics created etc.
  7. This actually looks really cool...
  8. Really surprising that someone would buy this when its a 5 minute html job in the template editor.
  9. Sent.
  10. Can you PM me the paypal email.
  11. If we purchased your other version (link), do we still have to purchase this one as well? I know you were talking about making it a whole App on its own, but it looked like you were going to switch the original version to a standalong app rather than requiring IP.Content.
  12. Is the version # supposed to change when you update from 1.1.1 > 1.1.2? Because mine didn't.
  13. When the upgrade file says: Where is this "admin" place? Via FTP? or ACP? Edit: Oh, its /admin/applications_addon/other/streams/tasks
  14. Replied. I updated that file as requested, no noticeable changes.