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  1. Just purchased IPB, very excited to begin upgrading the forums!

    1. Collin S.
    2. TheRevTastic


      Welcome, you will be pleased!

    3. Mike John
  2. I see, thank you again for the help! :cool:
  3. Thank you both for such quick responses! Just to make sure I understand, so I wouldn
  4. Oh, I forgot to ask as well, do you all have a converter to go from vB 4.0.7 to your current version?
  5. Hello, I am looking at converting from vBulletin and I had a few quick questions: (1) If I was to purchase the forum and maybe 1-2 add-ons, do I have an option at a later date to buy another add-on? If so, are the installs able to be installed by themselves or do they need to have the whole package re-installed? (2) If I buy an add-on (let