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  1. Oh ya, one more. How can I make page as the homepage? Something like http://domain.com/pages/home into http://domain.com Any idea? Thanks.
  2. Yes,when I disable BBCode setting, it's working! Thank you! Nice mod ever. :wub:
  3. Hello, any idea how can I embed flash player on this mod? I try to embed but not working. Thank you for advance.
  4. Yes, it's working! Thank you. :huggles: Hem, another question, how to change the width of skin? I tried to change at ipb_styles.css, but not working.
  5. Yes exactly! Mind to teach me how to do that? :ahappy: Thank you.
  6. Hello, first of all thanks for making the cyan color skin based of your previous skin. :smile: I wonder how to center my header logo? I have a bit big header, so when I tried to center it, search bar and admin CP are messed. Can guide me how to fix it? My forum link. Thank you.
  7. After upgrade to 1.2.7, no response when click any buttons on shoutbox. Any idea?
  8. Just visit the forum link at your siggy, oh well, awesomeness!! :drool: By the way, I PM you already. Thank you. :smile:
  9. Seriously, I like this skin. Even this theme is paid version, sure I'll buy for my forum. :ahappy: Can I request for custom color? :grin:
  10. Yes, of course. I had no problem to convert my forum from Xenforo 1.1.1. :smile:
  11. Thank you! Because of this hook, my forum got around 15 new registered members everyday. :laugh: But yeah, there's a bug that guests also appeared in secret forum, so that it's not looks so real.