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  1. I was getting that error. Don't remember when as I haven't tried recently. Will see if I can recreate when I get home.
  2. Thanks for the response @opentype I had record images, but I didn't have a fallback image. I'll double check that though and try to setup a fallback image. What do I need to say to the theme designer to fix the color differences? Thanks!
  3. I've tried to install a few times with no luck. Followed the directions although, I'm not seeing the " Category Template Group > Supergrid Categorylisting " as I'm "showing records like articles." So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I'll paste what it ends up looking like below, any help would be appreciated
  4. Yes, having Widget support or the ability to add it on other pages would be great.
  5. Sweet!! Love it
  6. Awesome! Looks great so far! Can one of the restrictions also be member groups?
  7. Yes, just a way to have people enter like what @Tracy Perry mentioned would be nice. We often give stuff away for free but don't have an easy way to enter and draw the winners.
  8. You'll want to stick to a 3rd party option as there won't be an alternative developed. I don't have the topic where it was discussed, but they did recommend a few alternatives as IPS Chat is going away.
  9. Looking forward to this
  10. Looking forward to what's in store with the chat app
  11. Putting my +1 here as I'd love to have some more stats as well! Thanks
  12. You say you don't want to be a snitch but you have no problem basically calling out every mod that isn't updated in a public setting. I fail to see how reporting files is worse than what you're doing here, especially when your signature clearly states "Files REPORTED...." meaning that REPORTING the file is going to be better than complaining like a little kid who couldn't get something from the ice cream man. On top of that you went and spent you money on a mod that wasn't updated in 8 months so that you could say that you're complaining for everyone else who won't? I applaud you for doing that, spending your own money on something that was CLEARLY not updated and had comments about such just so you could complain for everyone else. Maybe I'm the only one that looks at files and how long ago they were updated and what they are compatible with before I go and spend money on them? And you're missing the entire point that I and others have been trying to make to you. You could have some great points, but you negate those points with your horrible attitude. It doesn't matter if you've paid for something or not, because at that point in time when you're being rude towards someone I'm pretty sure they don't want to help you. You paying for something does not mean you're entitled to act like a jack wagon to anyone which is what you're doing. You got me there. I clearly don't care about the 100+ mods that I've purchased from this site, not including the ones I've purchased from developers personal sites. And all the themes that I've purchased even when I've never used them on a live site, I don't care about those either. But what it comes down to is yes I care about the mods that I purchase, but I'm not going to purchase something that clearly hasn't been updated in a while and then complain about it not being updated. If there's something that I like that hasn't been updated in a while I will either A) find a different developer to create it or B) try to reach out to the developer who created that mod to find out what's going on. And there is actually something in the core that I would like to see back in. So because these are P2P support forums, I decided to reach out directly to support to get an answer and not throw a fit on the forums because they had it in a recent version of the site but then removed it; because it won't solve anything if I do that. But according to your style, because I've actually paid more for the core software than the average cost of a mod, I should be like a bull in a china shop right now because something that was in the software isn't there/working anymore.
  13. I'm not going to go and post the links to all your responses that are less than friendly because anyone can see those and it'll just spam this topic with links. But please look at your responses here. You're acting like a little kid throwing a tantrum, yet I'm pretty sure you're a grown adult so can we please act like it? Perfect example, look at your signature now. Making a snide remark is clearly something that you should do if you want to get something resolved. But rather than reporting the broken files, or submitting a ticket to support you do exactly what you're doing here? I can totally understand your frustration of purchasing something that hasn't been updated, but that's why you go look at the update date before you spend the money that you've spent within the last 2 weeks. Which it's clear you didn't and now you want to act as if you have zero responsibility for your own actions, and place the blame on others. And personally I don't think you can use XenForo as a good example, as from what I can see there's plenty of files that are listed that haven't been updated in 3+ years and haven't been removed or listed as "un-maintained". And that's probably due to people not reporting them as such. So hopefully you're over there making as much of a fuss as you are here.
  14. And you should respect the fact that people are more prone to fix things for you when you're actually respectful to them. Looking through your most recent posts, you've definitely been less than kind in 3/4 of your topics/posts that I've read. A little please and thanks can go a long way sometime when you're respond to people or ask questions. Just because we've paid for mods doesn't mean that we're entitled to act like complete jerks to people. You're telling people to respect you, and to respect everything else you say yet don't even give respect in return.
  15. Verified with a ticket that it's not something that can be returned at this time, but believes it is being talked internally so should be added soon. Hopefully sooner than later, that was one of the things that we've been "living without" for a while now, but would love to have it back.