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  1. Thank you for this!
  2. I'm thinking he'll probably have forms done tomorrow. (Well today. . Tuesday) He's upgraded a few of his other apps already and pushed those so I don't think this one is far behind. Kind of in the same boat as you, but it's only just one form that's not working so I guess we're lucky. haha
  3. Awesome, thank you! Been pulling my hair out trying to determine what was causing it for that one form.
  4. @Mike John I'm getting a 500 ISE on one of my forms, other forms are fine but this one is giving a 500 ISE when submitting. Upgraded to most recent version of IPB and that's when it started happening.
  5. Since you have your sites incoming email address as your email address you're going to always get those notifications. I personally like it the way it is and wouldn't want to see it changed.
  6. This is great to see! A feature that would be cool if possible is keeping track of a users time within team speak.
  7. @Morrigan Just an update, but it appears to be only one award that is giving that issue. I'm trying to test all the others out, but so far out of all that we've tested it's just that one.
  8. Agreed! Love seeing it being used more, but would like to see it in the footer here for new folks who might not be following the Social Media accounts.
  9. Currently a WIP since moving over to 4.0 but feel free to check it out -
  10. @Morrigan Yes, give me a bit, I'm at work and I'll send that to you. And I can give the awards out with no issues, just not the others. Thanks for your help on this
  11. Was told it's still happening and getting the same error that I showed you. I'm not able to get the error message that they are getting, but it appears that every group that isn't the main admin group gets that error.
  12. Done, thanks
  13. Can you give the account 'ADifferentKind' access to download? Don't think I have access or at least I'm not seeing where to download. Thanks!
  14. 1.0.6 And latest IPB Version
  15. @Morrigan Both groups who tried giving the award have these same permissions