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  1. For Calendar Events, maybe post to a channel when it's created and then post at selected intervals like 5 days and 3 days before and then the day of? It'd be also nice to see if certain events could be posted to certain channels. (Which was explained by another user here as well) Also is there any possibility in the future of being able to edit what the post to channel says on a per forum basis if you choose? For example I might want one forum to say "User just submit an application for blahblahblah. View it here: link here" and then for another forum if it says "User has posted a (topic title) in (topic section) - respond here" Obviously not exactly like that, but it would be nice if it could be changed on a per forum basis if you'd like or just use a stock option. Thanks for your work on this
  2. @Ahmad E. would you like feature suggestions there as well, or just issues? So far so good though! Thank you!
  3. That would be nice if there are multiple goals and they click on the "donate" option below one of the goals in the block and it takes them directly to that Had someone actually bring that up a few days ago.
  4. My apologies for the late reply. I haven't gotten it to work yet.
  5. I was getting that error. Don't remember when as I haven't tried recently. Will see if I can recreate when I get home.
  6. Thanks for the response @opentype I had record images, but I didn't have a fallback image. I'll double check that though and try to setup a fallback image. What do I need to say to the theme designer to fix the color differences? Thanks!
  7. I've tried to install a few times with no luck. Followed the directions although, I'm not seeing the " Category Template Group > Supergrid Categorylisting " as I'm "showing records like articles." So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I'll paste what it ends up looking like below, any help would be appreciated
  8. Yes, having Widget support or the ability to add it on other pages would be great.
  9. Sweet!! Love it
  10. Awesome! Looks great so far! Can one of the restrictions also be member groups?
  11. Yes, just a way to have people enter like what @Tracy Perry mentioned would be nice. We often give stuff away for free but don't have an easy way to enter and draw the winners.
  12. You'll want to stick to a 3rd party option as there won't be an alternative developed. I don't have the topic where it was discussed, but they did recommend a few alternatives as IPS Chat is going away.
  13. Looking forward to this
  14. Looking forward to what's in store with the chat app
  15. Putting my +1 here as I'd love to have some more stats as well! Thanks