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  1. Tournaments

    I'm not totally sure yet. It's hard to figure out how long it's going to take.
  2. Tournaments

    @Robins Guptathank you. 4.2 should not affect things much. Most of the new features in 4.2 aren't something that would matter for a tournaments app and so far it looks like they only did a few slight changes that would affect overall coding of the app.
  3. Tournaments

    As long as people don't stop wanting it, I'll finish it. If nobody is going to want it after such a long wait, it wouldn't make sense to finish. So it's up to the potential customers. I'm sure at least a few people will still want it, though. There's not much problem with figuring out how to code it now. It's just a lot to code and also now I'm sick, so that is slowing me up probably 2-3 days. I almost never get sick, but of course I do when trying to finish my apps... I haven't had the flu in probably almost 25 years. (I don't now, either, but just saying...)
  4. Dear Developers

    If someone put malicious code in a file, it would get found out eventually, by someone such as Andy or a user. As for acp access, it depends on the issue. Sometimes you may only need to give limited acp access. In most cases, there's just no way around either ftp access or close to full acp access, though, for debugging where things are going wrong. There's just not much else that can be done other than direct db access, acp access to the sql area, or at least ftp access (with logging to files, probably). edit: in some cases, the developer could tell you what to do and then you tell them results, but the problem is it slows the process down a lot and takes more of their time.
  5. Warning Points - Reverse Action NEEDED

    I wonder if people just randomly liked posts in here recently, then. lol. It was showing as recent activity is why I ended up in here. Maybe some created accounts end up being bots or something.
  6. Warning Points - Reverse Action NEEDED

  7. Warning Points - Reverse Action NEEDED

    umm why did this just show up near the top of "all activity" when the last post in here is from 2013? lol. edit: oh it was due to people liking posts in it...
  8. Tournaments

    Many people suddenly stop making new versions for their apps at all. You're not guaranteed them being updated. Anyone who already bought the old version has not paid any renewal fee on it in a long time. And, again, it can't take less time than it takes, and IPS has had delays. IPS had next to no documentation for the first year or two and I have had ehalth issues, which don't qualify as lame excuses. I'm trying to get it done as soon as I can.
  9. Tournaments

    All I can really say at this point is some time in May. I have figured out "almost" everything I need and started getting a lot more done. Like I said before, it's hard to pinpoint dates, though, which is why IPS stopped giving them for their products. One time when they did mention a potential date, it ended up being a long time later when it came out. I can just say I am close now.
  10. Betting

    Probably will end up being June. I have to finish a custom tournaments app and the public tournaments app both first, and those should be done in May. As I get done with those, the other apps, such as this one, will go really quickly, since I'd know right off how to do everything necessary in the apps.
  11. Tournaments

    Have you already upgraded the forums themselves? Or even if you did, you could temporarily use a 3.x version, although I know it would not be ideal. If you could think of a solution for a month, then you wouldn't have to seek alternatives. I understand the frustration, but reasons for delays now are not the same types of reasons that had it delayed for years in the beginning. Back then I kept delaying even starting on 4.x apps. Right now, I have made progress, but simply ran into slowdowns due to health, mostly, and of course also learning the 4.x structure. I'm back to feeling fine today, so I'm hoping it won't be much longer to get it done. It will be some time in April.
  12. Tournaments

    Sadly, it's still not ready. I'm the only one who works on the app and I've been sick, so there's not much I could have done to get it finished by then. I have everything sorted out as far as what I can put in and what I can't from a custom version of the app, so at least there's no hurdles outside of health-related. I think I will have to mostly just have the first 4.x version be basically the same as the 3.x one was, though, where I won't slow it up even more, and then as soon as I release it, I can start adding in new features and probably release that newer version a couple months later.
  13. Member Reviews

    Anyone care about this for 4.x? Probably would be May or June before I could even get it done.
  14. Betting

    Most likely some time in April. I have to finish up both public and private tournament app versions and then this one. I definitely wish I could have finished before now because I like using it to pick ncaa tournament winners each year.