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  1. It's really hard to say when it will be done. I'm still always having so much custom work to do at the same time and the documentation for 4.x is way less thorough than 3.x and 2.x were, so it takes a while to figure some things out. I am certainly wanting to get it done as soon as I can, though.
  2. Thanks! I'm trying to stay positive. If I run into issues, hopefully I will figure them out. Obviously, I want it done as soon as anyone does because I could use the sales too and even if I didn't get sales, I said all along my apps would be updated and so I hate that this long has gone by without it happening.
  3. My learning ip.suite 4's setup is going very frustratingly, but I am still hoping for the best. I think the first full weekend of games for ncaa isn't until September and NFL I think is that month, too, so I am just hoping to get it done as far ahead of then as possible, but it's a real headache figuring some of this stuff out and at the same time having some health issues happening. I'll probably have a lot better idea in a week or so how long it will take.
  4. I was going to do my tournaments app first, but I see now it's a bigger pain to update apps than I was hoping, so I am probably going to do this one first, but it's still tough to know when I can finish. I am hoping by early July.
  5. No, I am saying I have the license to use one version of Office, so I "could" use Outlook, but I can't remember if I installed office on this computer or not. The only time I tried Outlook was many years ago. Probably 15 or more years ago.
  6. I have some past office suite and never need it. I should be sure I have it installed and use Outlook myself. I have too many email addresses to keep going and checking in multiple places and haven't used any Outlook or Outlook Express in so many years.
  7. I know people will make fun of me, but IE is still my favorite. I just can't get used to anything else. I think the first browser I ever used was netscape, then when I started using internet explorer, I never changed to anything else, for like 20+ years now.
  8. It's tough updating apps to 4.x because they don't have enough thorough documentation. I am finally starting to update my apps, but it's a pain for me. Once I learn it, it will probably be easy, though, but I bet a lot of people haven't updated apps because of how long it will take to learnt he setup. I wish they would release an arcade one again, though, but especially casino.... casino wasn't even released for 3.x, last version was for 2.3.
  9. I still haven't decided, myself. The free upgrades end pretty soon, so I better decide. I originally was sure I wanted it, but windows 7 feels so nice, I just can't decide.
  10. The customer I was doing custom stuff for just got the final zip form me today, so it took that long to get that all sorted. I don't think I have any work to do other than update these apps now. I have had all kinds of stuff come up slowing me down (health stuff), but any day now I should be able to start knocking a lot of this out quickly. If I don't run into issues figuring the ip.suite 4 code changes out. I am prepared in a lot of areas, so I am hoping for the best. I'm very sorry it has taken this long. I never intended it to.
  11. I am determined to release it by then. As long as nothing major stops me from doing it. I've had so many things come up and health issues slow me down, etc..., but I want to get both this app and my tournaments app done hopefully way before August. Very soon I should be able to spend full time on them.
  12. The way it's been in this one is most of it is done through the app area on the public side. And you add each team only once, and then keep choosing them each time they are in some game/match/tournament/whatever to bet on. So if some team were called "Team A", you add them on the add teams form and then every time Team A is involved in something you simply select them from a dropdown for that particular match. Then, basically, when there is a winner, you go to the app area and select the winner. I think I made it where it adds a topic in the forums for the match, so basically it's kind of opposite of how you described, you go to the app to do things, then it makes the topic, rather than you adding the teams or matchups from a topic itself.
  13. I don't know how much would need to be changed since I haven't run a vb forum. I think I need to have a more clear setup on odds, for one thing. I just use "odds" mostly as how many points, runs, goals, etc.... someone is supposed to win by, rather than money odds, although I tried to clear it up in recent versions where it would just call that margin, I think, and odds was the payout ratio. Basically you add a matchup that can have really any number of teams and you can make it where either it could be straight up just pick the winner or it could be they must win by x amount to be declared the winner. And you can have it pay out at whatever ratio you want, pretty much. I wanted to make it where you can pick who finishes first, second, third, which would be good for horseracing, but I don't think I ever got it put in yet.
  14. There should be no problem getting it done way before then. I've got 3 big apps, with this one being the second to finish. I should be ready to put all of my time into them in probably around 2 weeks and I should get the tournaments app and this one both done before the NFL season were to start. If I have to later on, I will spend more time per day and try to get them done. A lot of updating them will be easy, then other areas I have to learn what to do and it's kind of hard to get help on here from others, sometimes, so other than that slowing things up, it should go quickly.
  15. Only that I am "almost" finished with custom work for the 3.x version and told him that I have to get this finished and can't do more custom work until I finish updating all fo my apps. So I should get it done soon. I'm definitely not canceling it or planning on taking long, there's just been constant slowdowns. I sure hope I don't run into many problems with 4.x.