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  1. It's ok. I understand the frustration as long as this has been. But at this point, all I can do is get it done as soon as possible, while, like you said, being sure to not rush it into a buggy release. I've spent a lot of time trying o understand the 4.x framework, that way it will go fast now as I actually code. I'm trying as hard as I can to get it done this month. Apps shouldn't take over a week or two each once I am confident in understanding the code structure, which I a close to at this point.
  2. I am going to get it updated. I've put in too much time learning the new framework to just stop working on it and not update it. I'm to the point now where it's going to move fast, assuming no big health issue or something like that. I originally had a lot of problems learning the new framework, but now it's to the point where if I run into problems it will be about a specific situation, quick to figure out. It's probably going to be at the very end of the month that it would be released. This is definitely not a situation where I am making excuses and going to never get it done. Before I ever started making apps, I'd ask when a particular one would be updated to 3.x and people would make excuses and NEVER did update it. That is not the situation here. I badly wanted the author of Casino (Mike) to update that one for 3.x and it never came about.
  3. All I can say is I am trying hard to get everything done. I reallllly would like to get this and my betting app both done by the end of the month, and this one comes before that one does, so obviously I am trying my best to be done with all tournaments apps (custom and public) as soon as possible. I was hoping to have the betting one done before March because of the ncaa tournament. Too abd I didn't do it before the NFL playoffs.
  4. I saw this as the latest updated topic on the front page and when I saw the title and the last post being by ideath, I thought the title said "Message Box Of Death". lol.
  5. You wouldn't be responsible for how people use the app, would you? Couldn't you just put some disclaimer reminding people they are responsible for knowing their local laws? This is what has been a headache for me with my sports betting app and why I just left it using points, just "in case", but it seems to me it's up to users to know what they can legally use.
  6. What happened is IPS moved all of the 3.x apps into a category where we can't view them. So I have to get them updated to 4.x and hopefully they will let me then have them moved to the new category without having to add them back as separate apps.
  7. I'm finally getting around to updating the one MastricX linked to. Sorry it ahs taken so long. It had been a combination of health issues and learning the new 4.x framework. I'm still trying to get it done before this month ends, but would be February at the latest.
  8. Not just old customers, it's customers who paid a lot to have a custom version made. Mostly 1 customer in particular. He can't have a say in what I keep in from the version I released here. He just had a say on features he asked me for and paid to keep exclusive only to him. I think the only thing I mentioned, which may be an issue, is ability to force teams/clans to be created new for every tournament. Although, it's possible I could get it in without affecting his style of doing it. I probably can't know for sure until at least a few days from now as I see if I am running into issues understanding 4.x. It's not going to be months, but it's hard to say exactly yet. I am still hoping for January, but just like with ip.suite itself, it's hard to day for sure how long an upgrading process can take.
  9. Does anyone remember the final version I released of this for 3.x? It must have been version 1.4.1? I see I did a 1.5.0, but it must have been only for custom use.
  10. For my app, teams have leaders and optional co-leaders who can perform various tasks. At the very least. Basically someone creates a team and is the leader. Then others can apply to join the team or the leader can invite people etc. So the creator can enter match results. Then basically the leader on the other team has to confirm he results. If the other leader changes them, then it goes back to the first leader to confirm the edited results. I honestly don't remember if the co=leader can enter them. I have done so much custom work on a different version of this app that I am not even sure. On this public version, though, you create a team and the team can keep being reused in other tournaments. In the custom version teams are always specific to only one tournament ever. But I have to work out with purchasers of custom versions whether or not I can use some of that stuff in this public version. I had already mentioned wanting to add a similar option before he asked about it for his, though, so really he can't have it exclusive on that feature. When I say teams, it can be called whatever. And in the 4.x version hopefully I will make it more simple to change it to clans by having less lang bits to edit. It has brackets, ladders, leagues. Ladders have many options for scoring. Brackets can be single or double elim. League is basically round robin matches set up between the teams in a random order. I don't think I ever added playoffs to it, though. A lot of this depends on what I am forced to not add into this due to exclusivity agreements with the other customers. The 6 factions thing, that isn't exactly in. I'm nor sure how close it could be mimicked with existing settings. Also, on the public version I think I had it where you set tournaments as individual for members to join alone or team for them to make teams.
  11. If anyone has used this before and wanted something different, you could suggest it. But what complicates things is someone paid me to make a customized version a lot more similar to a vb version, I believe, and he added in his own ideas, as well, and some are really good ideas, but a lot of it I will flat out have to let him have exclusively, and we still haven't got that all sorted.
  12. Yeah, that is still my goal. Some time in January. Hopefully I won't run into issues, but even if I do I will get them figured out.
  13. No, that is not true. If you ever talk to someone who experienced a bug in this or my custom apps, you'd see I am the quickest to fix them of anyone here, I believe. I've fixed bugs within minutes of learning about them and have fixed them at all hours of the day and night. The problem here is updating an app from 3.x to 4.x is a much bigger task than it was from 2.x to 3.x, so it requires more attention and learning the setup of ip.suite 4. Once this is released, I will obviously know the general setup and will be able to fix all bugs quickly. Also, the app I am working on now is a custom version of this app, so when I am done with that, I will already know most of what to do for this public version and this one will probably be merely a week or two later than the custom one, I would imagine.
  14. If anyone has suggestions, speak now... Most likely, I will just update it with the same features it already had and then worry with adding new features in a future version. But I also need to get a good idea what people want because I did a lot of custom work and need to sort out what customers can have exclusive and what can go in this public release.
  15. Not giving up on this. Just taking forever to get any 4.x apps done.