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  1. well, no you cannot differentiate between slow conenctivity users and regular users. & what kind of project you intend to make for rural areas? Please let me know (i might live nearby) :)
  2. the only reason which is preventing me from going to IPB 3.2 right now is lot of problems in this Editor, sometimes it gives lot of spacing sometimes it does't at all, copy pasting things messes up the format and things. So that's the only thing for now, other than that everything seems fine to me.
  3. it already has beaten XenForo :)
  4. well, yes i think you can also have 2 test boards too hosted in localhost because it does not matter coz their will be no members.
  5. no, we don't need your password.
  6. oh, i mean its called "Like" << Wow, 42 comments in just matter of minutes in this thread :lol:
  7. aah, its not REP, its like :P It was REP in 3.1 :P
  8. ok, i will explain you from basics. You need to purchase a domain (website name) which you can purchase from namecheap or godaddy or After that you need to purchase IPB license ( IP.Board) and along with IP.Board license you get free chat so you don't have to pay for two. After you buy IP.Board you need to have hosting were you will host your IP.Board (your website) Any more doubts, lemme know :)
  9. do you mean demo ? and yeah, chat is necessary and you get free chat for 5 users free with the board.
  10. it basically allows you and members to upload images in gallery and they can view in like slide show and similar like that. However i won't suggest any one to buy it right away, when their are lot of members and if their is need buy it after some time.
  11. i suggest you to just go with IP Board right now, don't go for IP.Gallery right away.
  12. Hi JMPRockFm, Well, if you are new, i would suggest you to just buy IP.Board Standard License which costs 149$ for now. About blog, you can use Wordpress because its very simple and v good blogging platform. I see your forum is currently running phpBB now PS : Don't go for hosting from Godaddy or namecheap, they are v good domain providers but their hosting is not at all good.
  13. This is the format i have written my post initially with a gap between each line. After i made the thread, this is how it looked :- WOW, some times it gives more space between each line, now it does not gives any space at all. 3.2.0 gave lot of spaces but 3.2.1 gives no space between each line :|
  14. Currently i am using Windows 7 x64 with Google Chrome (Latest Version).