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  1. is (DP30) Restrict Attachments supports IPB 3.1.4 version ?
  2. yea 3.1! ok thanks
  3. One error i have my site in colums view: On the left side all users show up ѕнєzι/ Last Post Info : In: How We Can ? By: Right side is fine please take a look
  4. Samsung Galaxy SII!!!
  5. ok thanks,
  6. and how much will you charge for the custom work?
  7. Does this support, Reviews for each threads? rather then having a section to look for all the reviews. Example if i wanna a review this thread how will it work?
  8. Just want to say Thanks :)

  9. This is a amazing piece of art :)
  10. ^ Alread tried that 3 months ago
  11. $50 to just make pages :(
  12. Is it possible to have external pages (custom page) like Xf has and vb also. Example:
  13. IPB Staffs are all over.. I just moved from VB and i must say IPB has new blogs at least 2 a week... And i can say that also that they read every single post...
  14. Is it possible the memeber who reported the thread can also see the admins/mod decison such feature is avaibale in VB. That helps users know what decision was made and why? and user can basically discus with staffs of only the report that he reported?