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    work not Please update
  1. has always worked only had to remove once the app and later I installed it again and now the app does not work anymore
  2. Hello Pete I also turned on but it does not help
  3. in ipb standard forum badge does not it in any theme
  4. Badges 3.2.0 and Systeem 4.14.1
  5. Hello Pete everything done well see screens only you see the badge not in your own post see last screen Gerard
  6. I get this application not working what I try Too bad there is not more support offered
  7. I get this plugin does not work on my new site help
  8. Hey I would also like this Could this also standard can come back in ipb4 please @Charles Gerard would you like to make this plugin be available newbie LAC
  9. Hello all I wonder if this Mail Advanced Icons is also updated to 4.0 regards Gerard
  10. Is it possible to quotes to turn off gerard
  11. Update please for 4.0
  12. DawPi do you plan to update this to 4.0 please
  13. Hello ‌@Charlie where do I think of the word custom SSO development Gerard
  14. A have 500 error see your mail.