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  1. Topic Icons (Support Topic)

    Hey This app will also be updated to the latest version You can just install the app without errors But he does not indicate the icons
  2. Dreadnought Theme

    I'm very happy with this theme Looks beautiful and you can set many things to your liking. The service is also top and fast Taman thanks and keep going
  3. Simple / Elegant User Info Template for IPS4

    Bought this one and have to say a nice addition to the information there is perfect and nice The service was also top in an hour you will be helped. Thanks for this addition and for the service
  4. Behemoth Theme

    The best themes I've seen so far wonderful
  5. Happy new Year 2017

    happy new year all earth.
  6. Have paid with paypal which must be a certainty that you will get the money
  7. approval marketplace Why does it take so long before something is approved, marketplace now already about 20 hours waiting for approval I have already sent an email but will not respond to I find this way no fun to buy something at marketplace as long as you have to wait
  8. (Editor) Message Box

    will see this message when I press here What there is, I have all done but no result
  9. Jeetje er zijn ook Nederlanders op deze site Wordt het niet eens tijd dat ze een Nederlander aanstellen hier bij IPS dan wordt het communiceren wel een stuk makkelijker van ipv alles vertalen met google [ik dan] Gerard
  10. (NB40) Secondary Group Icons

    Admin Control Panel - Systeem - Applicaties
  11. (NB41) Topic Cover

    Hey Is it also possible to show a trailer of a movie instead of a plate. see example:
  12. 4.1.16 Beta Available

  13. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Where should I look beyond
  14. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    have the slider off then I also have no more trouble