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  1. i download the file and i install it but it doesn't work First of all when i post it say that there are error with my database i've ipb 3.2.3
  2. it work's on IP.Board 3.2.3?
  3. ON IPB 3.2.3 auto awarding & Public Awarding don't work
  4. nobody can help me?
  5. Now After
  6. its possible to show them in subforum on indextemplate?
  7. i have a question, guest can open new ticket?
  8. OT sorry for the italian yes i think that different tabs for different forum could be a great upgrade ^__^
  9. Ti segnalo due cose 1) non funziona coi gruppi secondari 2) con i supermod da problemi nel vedere l'index
  10. Parlo in italiano finalmente xd Regan è possibile nella prossima versione(anche per 3.1 ç_ç) dividere i vari slide in differenti tab a secondo della sezione?
  11. why i see ipb3.2 everywhereO_O

    1. DamianSharpe


      Because it's just that awesome.

  12. I hate conflicts between ipb and jquery-.-

    1. rsyvarth


      It isn't IPB and jQuery, it is Prototype and jQuery... mostly can be averted using jQuery.noConflict()

  13. hello dawpi; it's possible to display like first page a white page instead of the global list?