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  1. IN my instance - I am hosting my own VPS, and using Google Apps to host my domains email services. I intentionally have not installed any mail services on the VPS to avoid the hassel and hardware strain to maintain only a handful of emails. Do you know of a way I can pipe the e-mail from a google apps email addy?
  2. I would love to see the option to save a bookmarks layout as a default/required for a group. Lets say I have 3 groups that access the ACP, Admins, Editors, and store staff, It would be great to specify a separate layout for each of these groups. Good work I can wait for 3.4.x
  3. *dances I love where nexus is going, I hope its released soonish. :D
  4. Finally! This will make Nexus usable as a real online store. Shipping costs are super competitive and can make or break your profit on small margins. This will be huge, especially once other carriers have been integrated. yay!
  5. yayayay!
  6. Sounds good. I am in the process of setting up nexus install and need calculated shipping based on weights and locations, is there any chance that will be included with 1.5?
  7. Can you please link me to these resources? I am having a hard time getting the XML-RPC setup.
  8. Actually nix everything I said, I did some research and the IP.content is AMAZING. It helps if you read some first.... IP.Content Documentation
  9. Another question before I make the decision to pull the trigger and purchase IPS? I currently have an SMF forum that allow the use of hooks to pull info from the forum. I currently have some function that display certain web content to members of a specific forum group, so using the hooks smf provides I am able to authenticate the user and check their group to determine what content to display. I also have a feature that news on the website is pulled straight from a specific forum and formatted to match the site. Am I able to do this without the IP.Content plugin? Am I able to do this with IP.Content? I have also fiddled with the IP.Content plugin some and find it to be a bit more difficult then then simple php required to check a group through a hooks system, is their an alternative to using the more complex browser editor of IP,Content? Thanks
  10. Thanks so much!
  11. Fantastic, his is good to know Would you be willing to provide the source for this (understandable if not). Do you have examples of anyone else doing this with the API so i can see how it is accomplished? Also would I be able to test using the XML-RPC on the trial version of IP.Board? I didn't realize that i didn't have to pay for support to keep the license active. Thanks.
  12. I am reviewing ipb for use with our community I think I have found a majority of the answers I need and although the 6 month pricing structure is different then I would like most other features seem to fit my requirements. The one feature I am looking for and have not been able to find answers for is the need to integrate authentication and group verification from a third party application. In my specific case I am looking to authenticate through a c# windows based desktop application. I saw on the features the ipb supports xmlrpc but Have not been able to find much more information about what hooks and specific calls through the xmlrpc are available. It would also be fantastic to create support tickets or forum posts from within our program. Thanks ahead for any additional information I can be provide on the subject.