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  1. Since the update to latest version yesterday, if I upload 5 images, add information to each photos, I get a warning message that information has not been filled out for 4 images. If I hit OK, everything works perfectly. I am not sure why this warning message is appearing. Thanks, Chris
  2. Will there be notifications to alert users when someone leaves a comment on a picture they uploaded to gallery? Thanks, Chris
  3. I'm looking forward to this verision 4! Great work! :)
  4. Hello, I am very excited about moving to IP:Board with IP:Gallery 1) I wanted to know if in the gallery, there is a way to change the meta titles for gallery categories. In my demo, I made a category called "Night Photography". The meta title remains: Gallery: Site Name. 2) EXIF: I read that this gallery produces the EXIF information for photos, but in my demo, it does not show. Perhaps the hosting does not enable it? What I want to confirm is, under the right settings, information such as exposure time, ISO, camera used etc will in fact be available? Thank you kindly, Chris