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  1. Hi there, Yes, I tried it, but still with no luck. Facebook has many types of Apps, so I am trying to figure out which one to create.
  2. Is there any update on this?
  3. Hi tsdevelopment, Thanks for that, I found the Settings in the Community Area, but what sort of App is required to add? I tried using the Facebook login AppID and AppSecret, but that does not do anything, so I expect I need to make a new Facebook app. What type of FB App is required? Can you please post a guide for this?
  4. I have been able to download the 4.0.2 version without problem. I have also been able to install it. Now how do I use it? I cannot find anything that tells me what I need to do to make it work. We have a Facebook page to go along with our forum, so it would be great to link the two so the feeds from the Facebook page can be accessed via a plugin.
  5. I PM'd you the details you asked for ten days ago, but guess you have been pretty busy again. Would appreciate if you could take a look though when you get chance.
  6. Could you please look into this. I sent you my login details two weeks ago, but still have the same problems.
  7. Clearing caches, and removing the cookies set by the forum cleared the issue. Strange thing to happen though, so I hope this may help anyone else that suddenly finds the Quick Add not working on a Mac system. Sorry to have wasted your time Michael.
  8. Michael, This is getting rather strange, and I am not don't think it is to do with the application. I went in to work today where I use a windows computer and added a couple of videos using the Quick Add, with no problem at all. At home though with my Mac, I get redirected to the main add page. I will try clearing all caches on the Mac to see if that makes a difference. I have not changed any code or files though.
  9. This is going to be a silly one. I have just updated the settings so that I can delete video, and also changed the Thumbnail sizes. Problem that I now have is that when I use the Quick Add Video and enter a You Tube link, it now takes me to the main add page and asks me for a title. Before I messed with the settings the Quick Add Video would grab the title and description, and add the video automatically. I know I must have changed a setting to make this happen, but cannot for the life of me find which one. Can you help me change this back so that using Quick Add Video just requires the link and category again? Thanks :unsure:
  10. I have sent you a PM.
  11. Three more problems besides the one above. 1. Sometimes I get the following message when adding links: Unable to proceed because the link URL specified is not valid But I have taken the link directly from an open website, such as: 2. After submitting a link, instead of remaining in the links directory, the app returns me to the forums. Not really an error I guess, but annoying all the same. 3. When adding a description, the default font size is very small, so I have to manually increase to font size 14 each time.
  12. I am also getting the same problem with uploading link back images: System Error [#11L000] The file you selected is not an acceptable image. Please try again with an image having a valid extension: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff Can you advise what needs to be done to fix this.
  13. Hi there, I have purchased this skin, but do not have the logo psd file to edit. How can I get this? The files included were: images-kolor.xml.gz install and kolor.xml.gz If I open the zip file it creates another file named: install and Please let me know how I can get the clean logo psd file.
  14. I agree, paste as plain text should be default, paste with formatting as an option.
  15. That was the problem. Fixt now. :thumbsup: Is there anywhere that I can download additional layout templates? For example, I would love to see three equal columns, two equal columns and two row layouts such as this: