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  1. One question, is there a way to use this with IP.Content blocks as well so that the blocks update automatically? Would be really useful if I can add this to a few blocks of mine.
  2. Working on 3.4.4, I love the hook.
  3. Not working for me at all... 3.3.4
  4. This is really good, works perfectly for us. Two suggestions I would like to see implemented: 1. When you reach a certain amount of characters, the message just cuts off without any warning. Either A. it should be Twitter style where it tells you how many characters are remaining... or B. it should be like Facebook style where it shows the "more" button to see the entire post. 2. If there was a way to add this to the notification list that would be awesome as well. I love it though, I hope you continue to support this add on because it's very very useful. It allows our staff to quickly resolve issues. We use to have a hidden forum for that, but this feature has made that Staff forum prehistoric in terms of efficiency.
  5. When will an update come for 3.4.x?
  6. Can this be used with Nexus?
  7. Really hoping this is part of the plan for the next upgrade, if it doesn't come soon I might start looking at alternative chat solutions as well.
  8. No problem, I just thought it was weird since usually the response time is fairly quick. Thanks!
  9. I'm having this same issue. It's been about 36 hours and no one has responded... it's simple, I upgraded my chat to 20 users and it's still only allowing 5. No response still.
  10. Well that's unfortunate. I followed the instructions exactly, double checked, triple checked... are you sure there isn't something missing?
  11. I'm having the same issues as the guy on 3.3.4 Nothing is coming up.
  12. Would you recommend I wait for a new release or just download it now? I'm running 3.3.4
  13. I really want this, but does it work for 3.3.x?
  14. Never noticed this before since I don't use IE, but I tested it today and it seems like there is a template issue with the media section... not sure why. http://www.indianheadnation.com/media
  15. Do you happen to know anywhere to get those media tags for other files besides .mov?