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  1. Thanks Adriano
  2. Hey, can you chceck it? ^_^


    1. Himadri Goswami

      Himadri Goswami

      please develop the quiz system for ips 4

  3. Bom Novo Ano!
  4. Will work on an update today. Or try to.
  5. Yep. I will look into it now we're out of beta. I couldnt get it to export templates and languages last time.
  6. one time, until the cookies are cleared.
  7. My IPS4 sites: http://offtopichut.com & http://www.mature-gamers.com
  8. ​I'm working on it as much as I can for 4.x, juggling development with a 50 hour a week job is sometimes difficult though. Here's a few sneak peeks:
  9. ​No, unfortunately not.
  10. Absolutely,
  11. I'm working on updating Teams to 4.x, but I need test data! Would anyone be willing to export just the teams tables from their database and send them to me? The tables I need are all prefixed with teams_ Thanks!
  12. I'm working on updating all apps to 4.x
    Excellent product as always, Congratulations!
  13. I believe Pages in 4.x makes this hook obsolete, tbh.