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  1. Need more details. What name format are you using on your steam custom profile field? And are you sure it's correctly entered? Give me your website also. Thanks for the post.
  2. It's not displayed because it can't retrieve the data from Steam. I think you are putting the SteamIDs in wrong format. It should either be numeric format or custom name. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/<custom name> or http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  3. How did you configure it? Are you using custom profile field? Please give me a link.
  4. Seems like you are using an old version. Please install the latest version which is 1.1.0. You should create a custom profile field which holds the Twitter name value and choose that field in the hook settings. You cannot display tweets of other users or those you follow. This hook is meant to display your own tweets on your profile page.
  5. Doesn't matter what field key you use. Just make sure to choose the correct custom profile field at the hook settings. Here is another try: twitterprofile_feed_fix.xml
  6. Try this fix: twitterprofile_feed.xml
  7. It's possible but not without hardcoding. Don't think IP.Board permits javascript in custom BBCodes.
  8. File Name: Twitter Profile Feed File Submitter: Feeriix File Submitted: 24 Oct 2013 File Category: User and Social Engagement Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x Adds a Recent Tweets sidebar to the user profiles. No API key is needed. Features: Configure the number of tweets to show Exclude replies Easy custom profile field linking Two themes (Light & Dark) Easy change of border- and link color. Widget properties to change the appearance. Group permissions here to download this file
  9. The custom profile field you made is good. Can you try using the default ip.board skin and see if the hook shows up?
  10. Please PM me the profile url.
  11. This has nothing to do with the hook. It is my own custom change to template files. Will look into this.
  12. Sorry for not being clear. The steamid you enter in profile should be a name or numeric and not an URL. In your case, try putting only ir-ninja.
  13. File Name: Steam Profile File Submitter: Feeriix File Submitted: 04 Oct 2013 File Category: User and Social Engagement Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x Adds Steam profile info on users profile page as a sidebar. This hook comes with 3 presets which you can choose from. Features: Steam Name Status (Online,Offline, Playing, etc) Total playtime past two weeks Add to friends link Games played past two weeks with playtime info on hover. This hook can work alongside with Lavo's "Sign in Through Steam" plugin (Optional) Accepted steamid include both http://steamcommunity.com/id/XXXXXX/ (name) & http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (numeric) Make sure your Steam Profile Status is set to Public. Do not PM for support questions, use the support forum instead. here to download this file