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  1. Really the hosted packages offered by IPS are really restrictive. I would save up some dough and hit up a full license and find a decent webhost to host IPB on.
  2. Nice try Joel Spolsky. No, but I do agree. Great resources.
  3. I'm just wondering if the same Metro UI will be used across all hardware platforms. Interacting with the Metro UI on a desktop with a mouse just feels awkward. And also, Microsoft's prime customers are business users. Can you see Betty the secretary, or Bob the sales manager using this interface any time soon? I think not... But hopefully it will catch on, as MS seems to be keeping track on shipping the RTM as almost the same product as we are using today. I find personally that when clicking the Start Menu,and then get transported to the Metro UI, that's it's really irritating. I don't need a dashboard - I just want to open an app. Hopefully they will be able to cater to both type users, sort of like what Apple did with Lion. A nice tie-in with the iPad like feel, but not overboard.
  4. Bummer.
  5. Is it possible to get any details of the attacks? Post-mortem, or else?
  6. What's with all the "I'm sorries"? You made a fine choice sir.
  7. Did bouncy bounce offline?
    Can no loger check religiously for the new update :(

  8. 50% off for a few days only!
  9. Demo:
  10. Thanks for adding me :)

  11. Yes it is.
  12. I will have a demo up soon. Working out webhost logistics. Also moved the skin to the professional category.
  13. Applications & Modules > Manage Hooks > Disabled Hooks > Facebook Like Then enable it.
  14. Thank you!