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  1. Thank you kindly! :)
  2. Could you help me with the template edit please? :)
  3. I updated, made a new app, and deleted my cookies and I still get the box wider than the side bar. Is also does not show the feed...
  4. No matter how you look at it, this feature is broken, period. This discussion has been going on now for years. It should be usergroup permission based, and user decided. With VB I always gave paid members the option to go invisible. With IPB we have the option to allow anyone to go anonymous, no one anonymous, or force all of a certain usergroup to go anonymous if they like it or not. Why can't we have the feature to ALLOW a user to go anonymous ONLY IF their usergroup is ALLOWED to go anonymous? This is one "bug" that really annoys me about IPB. Isn't it time you guys updated this?
  5. There was no attitude until now. You are not forced to fix anything. I made a statement, not a demand, you could have simply said "No." Us forum owners get fed up with the attitude of some contributors and your arrogance. So if you're done complaining about my supposed "attitude" I will thank you now for fixing the plug in, and be on my way.
  6. Also I don't want this to be an April fools prank. It will not let me deselect those settings. When I deselect them and save, they both come back up selected. Please fix.
  7. Can we move the location of the button? Or how can I create a direct link?
  8. Is there a way we can manually add bots to this? Sometimes Bing shows up as an image, but from a different IP it shows as text.
  9. 159094225151ca4c17f2d5ad739c37e9
  10. Worked! Thanks! It was really annoying me!
  11. Indeed a side bar mini map would be awesome!
  12. I'm all good now! Thanks Dawid!
  13. it has a built in SEO system. I am not sure how it compares to VBSEO.
  14. Can you fix it? It's annoying! :)
  15. ok, I saw that there was an update when I clicked "Check for update" it led me to your forum and all I saw was the same version I had.