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  1. Hi Lindy, After looking at the link you supplied, I think IP.Blog will server our needs pretty well. I really like how it arranges blogs in what seems like categories and clicking on a blog "category", will take you to a page displaying all the blogs in that category. We can definitely make this work for us. What we currently have is a Wordpress page which we use to post links to download audio file provided by local recording artists. Can the blogs show download links and even show how many times the file has been downloaded? Here is a screenshot of a typical blog we post... As you can see, we have a download link which is an image and it shows you how larhe the file is and how many times it has been download. This is a plugin within Wordpress and I was wondering if such ability comes with IPBlog or it has to be done via an addon module or something.
  2. Can someone share some links to websites using IP.Blog? It seems like it's very hard to search for such sites. I would love to see how IP.Blog looks like and how people have them setup. I am still trying to figure out if IP.Blog does the same thing as Wordpress. Thanks!
  3. Hi Kevin, Actually, what I am looking for is a Wordpress-like solution. We currently have a website running on Wordpress where on each article we publish, we include a link to a downloadable audio or video file, where the reader can download it and Wordpress will show how many times that file has been viewed/downloaded. Since we are interested in moving onto an IPBoard infrastructure so we can have integration throughout the website, we are wondering if IPBoard has this ability? Does IP.Blog do just that?
  4. When uploading files such as audio and video files in a blog, can IP.Blog display a download link, times downloaded, total views, etc on the main blog list page? In other words, if a blog contains any uploaded media files, can it display the above info when viewing the page showing the list of all blog entries? Thanks!
  5. Ok, will do. BTW, I didn't know it was in the Pre-Sales forum, since it came up on a search.
  6. How exactly can this be done? Can you give an example? Let's say I want to add a custom profile field named TOTAL HOURS and this field has an ID of 12. With an example, I will be able to figure it out and add as many as needed. Thanks.
  7. I've got the hosted community but not IP.Content. I will probably purchase a license for both IP.Board and IP.Content in the next few days though. =)
  8. Oh ok. Actually, I am trying to get some funding available, so we can go ahead and purchase the IP.Board and IP.Content license instead, and use it on our own server. Hopefully, these funds will be available tomorrow. I will contact sales tomorrow most likely and get the licenses instead. :D
  9. I don't have access to the IP.Content section, even though my original question has been placed there. :ermm:
  10. Now that I have a hosted site with Invision Power, can I purchase IP.Content and add it to my hosted site? Then once I decide to buy IP.Board to use it on my own server, I already have IP.Content purchased as well.
  11. No problem, thanks! =) Thanks!!! Let's get down business now. *rolling up sleeves* lol
  12. I know, that's why I said that. Forest is west of Chesterfield, maybe like a 2 hour drive.
  13. Well, I guess I have to wait till tommorow. smh.
  14. Ouch! Glad I posted this because I thought I would have to wait till tomorrow! =) Thanks Charles, I will be checking my email/refreshing this page till my finger goes numb hahaha
  15. Since this morning, my package status appears as ACTIVE in the Client Area but I have yet to receive anything as far as using the Basic 5 package. I paid via PayPal (instant payment) and right away, my invoice appeared as paid and active. Like I said, that was this morning and as 6:16PM EST, I have yet to receive any sort of email from IPB. The only email I have received, was from PayPal when I made the payment. If I click Tickets in the Client area, it shows 6 license keys and 6 input boxes for URLs. That's about it.