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  1. Plz ad login integration by VK.COM
  2. Reinstalled earned
  3. updated and doesn't work http://yran.ru/links/link/6-pielcu/
  4. wow,super
  5. you great developer)
  6. thanks for work everything works
  7. Where it will be possible to download hook? I have the same problem. Thanks thanks a lot everything turned out.
  8. error redirect_uri_mismatch The redirect URI in the request: http://yran.ru/interface/board/google.php did not match a registered redirect URI in what there can be a problem? Thanks
  9. Whether and supports this template ip content, blog, downloads............????
  10. how many to be necessary to clean a copyright?
  11. I have a problem And so on each page http://xsal.ru/blog/1/entry-49-osobennosti-razrabotki-saita-dlja-maksimizacii/ Pictures don't join
  12. everything did as is written it is impossible((
  13. Make (((( http://yran.ru/page/video.html
  14. Error: Could not load template 'feed__generic_22' from group ''??????