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  1. ​Thanks for the heads up!
  2. ​No problem, Thanks a lot for your effort
  3. Let us know Miles
  4. Sorry for the off-topic but I thought the BETA was for license-holders only.
  5. I found a few issues with the skin, Is there a fix for it, Miles?
  6. Awesome, will you keep supporting this on IPB 4.0?
  7. As in, BBcodes and maybe the ability to upload .webm files to the IP.Gallery.
  8. Will IPB 4.0 support .webm files?
  9. ​I understand the idea, at the first look I thought it was a glitch/bug in the template. If you planning to update the plugin, I would suggest something simple; Instead of the bars use the stats color text; Currently Online (Blue) Currently In-Game %game_name% (Green) and when you click at the name of the person, it shows on the same window instead of a new window. I thinks its more ''user friendly'' PS: I'm loving the plugin!
  10. ​Well, now it makes more sense ;-) I will keep it.
  11. Double post, I'm having one little problem. For some reason, I see a blue strip on the right corner of the Steam Users Online. Happens with other skins as well. If there a way to remove it or maybe change the color?
  12. ​You got yourself my 10 bucks.
  13. Aiwa, I'm very interested in this plugin but could you tell me the difference between your pluging and Feerix's one;
  14. Do you offer a copyright removal?
  15. Thanks Lavo, keep up the good work.