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  1. Having previously purchased version 1 -- what is the introductory price for version 2?
  2. 6 plus months -- hope all is well -- would love an update on this -- won't renew my subscription until the dev replies....
  3. And with the truncate feature broken (as I previously reported in this thread on 23 Sept) -- I'll wait for a fix after this 4.1 update has been released. Thanks @Mike John :)
  4. Not sure if it was reported or not .... and this may be "moot" if the new IPB 4.1 eliminates the need for this plugin -- but I found that on the widget, smileys do not show -- they show when you go to the user's profile status message via their profile, just not in the widget. Thank you for your time.
  5. Definitely looking forward to this, because after my first initial setting to truncate at 3 lines, no matter what I change it to now, it always truncates at 3 lines and there's no "Read More" link of any sort and people are having a difficult time figuring out where to go to read all of the status..... @Mike John
  6. Thank you Nathan, that worked!
  7. Thanks Madman....done!
  8. Has this ability been removed? Sometimes we have long pinned posts we want to edit and see more of it on screen and would like to resize the editor to be able to do this....but in version I can no longer do this it seems. Is this the expected behavior? Is there another editor we can install and use? Can we modify ckeditor to be resizeable? Thank you in advance! Jason
    The only thing that would make me give this 5 stars is if this plugin/addon added a link to the forum profile linking their Steam Account so people could click it and see it!!! Otherwise, so far, I love this addon!
  9. I concur -- there *IS* an add-on which allows Steam Login Integration -- but I'd like to see a link to the Steam Profile in the Forum Profile for that user and that would make me a happy camper!
  10. Checking in to see if 1.0 version will be coming anytime soon and if there is any idea on how to fix my status update error...thanks in advance for your time.
  11. Thanks for the updating and looking forward to it! (any idea on how to fix my "status update" error with the latest version?)
  12. Great job! What else do you have on your "to-do" list for upcoming updates?
  13. Any idea when this update will be released? (Other than "when it's done"?) ;)