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  1. Doesn't exist on my site. Like I said, I see nothing.
  2. I need an RSS feed for other purposes. The only RSS feeds I see, are for individual forums, but not for streams. I need one for the "view new content" stream. How do I do that? Where do I find those? I see nothing.
  3. I'm not seeing anyplace to create an RSS feed from an activity stream. There's nothing about RSS anywhere, other than enabling it in the ACP. What am I missing?
  4. Already ahead of you on that...
  5. Absolutely agree! I can't even begin to the count the number of "Please help me post a picture" PM's and posts I get! It's aweful. And with no "help" section nor tutorial available, it's a nightmare to deal with the constant stream of pleas for help.
  6. This is a very frequent question/complaint I get from my members: Hoping there's already work in motion to fix this. If not, then hopefully this is the venue to bring it to your attention.
  7. I had the same problem once. It went away when the sheriff showed up on their doorstep with a restraining order.
  8. Ah, seems more like a quest to prove you're right, rather than addressing a customer issue. Struck a nerve, I suppose. You did not read my emails nor PM's on Facebook, which is where I was getting the complaints. No, it wasn't 51k, but there were a number of complaints mentioning the missing list - enough for me to be concerned about my members and actually address it, rather than attempt to defend it. No worries though. I figured out the URL to show the members list, then added it to the menu bar. Solved it myself.
  9. This is frustrating. I just migrated to 4.x and not a day later my members are asking where the member list went. They're not happy. I have 51,000+ members saying IPS is wrong.
  10. I agree, especially on the map extension. My members love it. Unfortunately, the map developer is notorious for delaying an updated release for about a year after IPB launches a new, incompatible version. So I'm moving ahead with the upgrade without the map. I will not let my site's progress be held hostage to a lazy developer.
  11. Note that your traffic went down during the holidays, and is now back up again. Sometime correlation doesn't mean causation.
  12. I think you're mistaking my question for a lack of appreciation, or in some way... a complaint. That's absolutely incorrect and a terrible, horrible assumption. It's just a question from a curious mind. That's it. No malice intended. I just want an idea so I can plan for it. That's it folks. Sorry there's nothing juicy for you to extract there. Please answer, or do not respond. Thanks
  13. Looks like I need to more patient with the smart-ass responses here than when it will be available. It's a simple question. Not asking for a date, per-se, but an approximation would be nice. 1 week, 2 weeks, a month? Just a general sense would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I've looked through the last 3 pages, and there's no mention of an ETA when the next version will be released. Is there an ETA? Sorry it's such a pain in the butt to answer.
  15. 77 pages of posts! Reason enough not to read through everything. So I'll ask the question that probably has already been answered: I'm using the 2.0 version, now things are all wonky (markers in the wrong place, some members getting blank pages, others not seeing markers, etc) - it's all due the Google maps issue. So, question is, when will a new version be available that fixes all this? (not beta, but release version)