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  1. Yes, I think so.
  2. Dear Andy, I have just uploaded that classifieds12002-use-on-three-point-three.zip Logged in as user... went to expired ads, but I am blind... where is the option for relisting???
  3. Hi Andy, user has two ads that have expired... I do not see them However, when I use his login... I see that ads are under expired, but they couldn't be relisted. Package's have 99 times of relisting :) What is problem here? How someone is relisting ads?
  4. Upgraded to 3.3.0, Classifieds continued working with no problem.
  5. I meant... it would be nice feature to have total count of all active ads... in all categories. something like Total ads: 96. Get it?
  6. How can person renew advert? Does it have to expire first?
  7. mrangelo, whn you buy nexus, you get 2checkout for free. Usually it cost 49$ Andy, it would be nice to have number of active ads just below categories... like TOTAL
  8. Well, now I do not know did you fix it or I did :) Thank either way
  9. I see I have same error as user emsonline so Andy, I am sending you PM with login to my forum
  10. Hi Andy, I have serious problem. When I change to another category I get error I have searched this topic, so I did this, but it didnt help Recache of the Classified App -->ACP-->System-->Manage Applications & Modules-->"Recache Apps and Modules" Button at the top Recache of our skin template-->ACP-->Look & Feel-->Template Tools-->Recache Skin Sets-->Select a Skin Set dropdown-->"be sure to select the proper skin"--RECACHE SKIN SET button
  11. Thank you reef-face Andy, does member who posted advert gets any notification when someone asks a question? I haven't got anything
  12. Is there a way to allow members to post new adverts only if they have 20 posts in forums?
  13. got it
  14. Hi Andy, friend of mine has PayPal so he bought software for me :) I am little bit confused by setting initial rules How can limit number of classifieds member can have within a month? and how many relisting is allowed? Do I create a package for that with price of zero?
  15. I would like to purchase your Classifieds software, but PayPal doesn't work with Serbia. Is there alternative way to pay you with my Visa? Thank you