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  1. I experience the issue reported above by @Safety1st and @Maniutek any fix?
  2. Are you planning an update for IPS4 ?
  3. Okay.. I'll wait The way it works now, for individual tournaments with a cost, the members can only join if they create 1-member team and the cost of joining team will then become team points and be used to join individual tournaments? Btw, it would be nice if you could add battle and matches in notification settings, because for now, there is only inline notification.. and if one does not visit the board he won't know he has been challenged. For now, there are only 3 settings in notification options: Notify me when my tournament status changes Notify me when I am invited to tournaments Notify me when my team status changes
  4. Any news?
  5. Woow, thank you.... sorry for the headache (I generally have that effect on people)
  6. Fine ^^ There is a battle cost but yes it is optional... After a test, a found out that points can be deducted from the main points system for each battle loss/won, which lead me to.2 suggestions: - Make the "battle cost" optional (or remove it): would be less confusing for those who send the challenges (and myself ). - Ability to set the points for each battle loss/won individually (it is currently set for all battles) Thanks!
  7. Thanks for your answer. Actually, I did buy this app only because you added the individual tournaments feature; I wanted to make members pay from my current point system to join individual tournaments AND battles. Basically, i can't use it right now; because according to what you said, I can only make free individual tournaments and free battles.. do i really need a $55 app for that? Are you planning to change that setting any time soon?
  8. Any help????????????
  9. Hello, I am using iCredits as point system. In Tournament settings: Table =members and Field = credits I have enough points but i still get the error message "You do not have enough points to join this tournament" Is there something i'm doing wrong? In my database, the prefix "ipb" is automatically added, so in phpmyadmin the table name is "ipbmembers", could that be the problem? Thank you!
  10. Any chance to be able to purchase items in Nexus using Credits anytime soon?
  11. This is very interesting and I do need it, I've been doing this manually for way to long ^^ How can this be done directly with Nexus? Is there a way to add iCredits as a payment gateway in nexus?
  12. Hello, Could you please fix this? '> Version: IPB 3.4.6
  13. Shop issue: The items limits to buy per day / to own are not working: They can buy unlimited items in a day and they can still purchase even if the item is supposed to be out of stock.
  14. BUG WITH THE BANK... There is a bug caused by the coma (,) Let's say you have: On Hand: 100,000 - On Bank: 0 You deposit 20000 - New balance = On hand 80,000 - On Bank 20,000 (no problem here) BUT if you deposit 20,000 - New balance = On Hand: 79,980 - On Bank: 40,000 Just because you wrote 20000 with a coma. Please fix asap :)