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  1. IPS Job Opening: Piracy Dept.

    If you ever need any more applicants, I have a degree in criminal justice with more than 10 years (mainly management) in criminal justice related work field experience.
  2. Good topic! Grammar is what I have to work on the most. I get to typing so fast at times that I will miss words and in the end result, it looks like I am not an English speaker... haha. But I have blogs so they are giving me quite a bit of practice.
  3. Converted from SMF, a few issues

    Thanks R&R! It didn't seem to do the job but its a conversion so I'd expect some things to have issues :) Nonetheless, its not major.
  4. Converted from SMF, a few issues

    Howdy :) I just converted from SMF 2.0.5 and have a few issues: When a member (who has a lot of topics) clicks on topics or posts on the profile page, they only see what they have made post-convert. They don't see any of the content they created before the software was IPB. Also, are PMs supposed to be grouped on one page? Like seeing all them in the conversation on one page? If not, that is fine. If yes, that is not happening on my forum. (Forum URL:
  5. Giving IPB away as contest items

    Ah, I see. So I probably couldn't create a new account and get one transferred to that? If not, its fine, I will seek another software...
  6. Hey all, I have 2 standard license IP.Boards with one of them having Blog and Chat (50 users). They both are currently expired. However, I wish to renew them if I can possibly give them out as contest prizes for one of my forums. How would I go about doing this? I mean transferring them to another person who wins the contests? I would like to give one installation per person. Thanks
  7. Download: Mahna Mahna

    If you go to my site I have red x by register and login and when logged in, there is a red x by the PM/notification top button. The images supposed to be there are not in the directory. Could you by chance post them here and I will save them and get them added. I love this theme by the way!!!! P.s. I also notice that the "tree structure"? links are not showing like for example above this topic on this page it has " Invision Power Services → Community Resources→ Product Modifications→ IPS Marketplace Topics That is not showing on my site.
  8. Meta tags (IP.SEO) per forum

    Okay thank you very much! :)
  9. I wish to add specific meta tags per board on my forum. Is this possible? In the URL field (where you would add /gallery/ and etc.), how do I add a forum section? Like for example... I have a forum at (that is how mine are setup but my forum is on the root not in a subdirectory /forum/ as it looks). Any help would be absolutely wonderful :)