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  1. Thank you!
  2. Hi, Whenever I download the ZIP it's empty. Not sure what the problem is. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi Dawpi, I have another website using Joomla, what code is needed to embed pages from Joomla on this app within my forums? Your help is very much appreciated. Regards TheWelshOne
  4. Obvious question, but have you tried re uploading the updated version? To be honest I have not had the time to update myself yet.
  5. Excellent stuff mate. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know how to get the awards displayed in members signatures? As far as I can see I have everything that should be enabled - enabled. I don't know where it is falling down.
  7. Cool idea :)
  8. How would I go about having a sidebar block like yours mate so it only shows x number of teams and then a link for the full table? Thanks TheWelshOne
  9. Thank you, I knew it was around there somewhere.
  10. Any chance of a "Close move later to a specific forum" :)
  11. Hi Newbie, Is there anyway to change the underlined part? Topic close time: Today, 09:00 PM Time left: Thanks
  12. Can I set a separate title for each topic before posting or would I have to mass create topics first and then go into each topic title to edit? Thanks
  13. I would benefit greatly having this updated to 3.4.4 tHANKS :)
  14. Is there anyway to import a .csv file?
  15. For some reason I am unable to renew, when I click on the renew link i get the following error message Your help is very much appreciated.