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  1. Hi IPS. I'm wondering when IPS going to have a project to have a full forum facebook app ? Vbulletin already have theirs. Full forum facebook app is a must have in order to grow our forum. I hope IPS will consider starting this project immediately.
  2. Why forum icons feature not included in this build ?
  3. Hello Enkido, Great Job on the tags. Does this work with Advanced Tags & Prefixes 2.1.1 by Ryan. H ?
  4. I willing to pay for this app like $10 if only its supported.
  5. bump
  6. So is the problem solved? any solutions ? I'm thinking of buying this app.
  7. I'm curious too...
  8. How do I remove the branding below? I thought I paid $7 for this app. Why the branding is still there?
  9. me too wondering how to solve it....
  10. It works perfectly well in the admincp for me but it doesn't appear in the forum. I think its a superb mod, I just having a lot of problem getting it to work. I've followed all the steps outline in the mod still no go.
  11. I hope IPS create option to have forum icons hard coded into the board setting. A lot of us are seriously frustrated using forum icon mod that have a lot of problem and basically doesn't work every time installed on a new version of IPB. Thank you.
  12. How to make the slide go repeatedly on one direction like a marquee? Now it goes to left and returns back. Its a very nice slider. Hope to see more integration with other IPS apps like nexus.
  13. I installed, change the codes, changed the permission for the folder. I can see the icons successfully added in the acp but I can't see anything in the forum. Is it the same problem as others? any fix to it ? Thank you :)
  14. Google says your website have malware. http://mod-mall.com
  15. Short and simple description about the specific features would definitely help.