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  1. Found it and its now working :) {$r['newest_prefix']
  2. It lets me get to tags, so any idea on what code i should use?
  3. How do i pull the prefix so i can use it on the frontpage (ip.content) in a latest post block?
  4. No support??
  5. As i said my error log has no events related to the member map or any ipb apps for that matter.. How should i proceed?
  6. No events in the error log that i can track to the membermap..
  7. I keep getting this error when trying to add a location: if refreshing the page it loads properly and is displaying this: And the location is added fine.. Any ideas?
  8. Same issue here since yesterday.. Ticket id 734239 - no response yet.. Amazing to break the chatsystem and dont give support during the weekend??????
  9. This as an option would be SUPERB! :!!!! :)
  10. Will donate a nice amount to whoever makes this happen.... anyone? :)
  11. i'm using it at Dont know how neat it is, but i use it for country flag to easy tell what country the thread is about.
  12. same request from me.. how much :)?
  13. ah ok, ill play around with that.. I havnt tried the multi mod yet. I'm a bit new to ipb :)
  14. only thing i miss that would make this mod 100% perfect for me is be able to mark X amount of topics and then quick apply a prefix.. like i can in vB :)
  15. worked like a charm! Thanks!