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  1. I'm looking forward seeing this Update!! :D +1
    1. Herofiles ★

      Herofiles ★

      Look in your topic mate, a kinda guy has replied :)

    2. iLuxus


      Thanx guys!!

  2. iP.Board....i like it....!! ;-)

  3. Hi out there..!! ;-)

  4. thnx! :rolleyes: I did it already. :)
  5. Hi!! I am new here and i would like to download this "theme" (iPhone Skin) to my iP.Board forum. I have an account, but when i try to download it, it dosen't let me? The area is Griz, also when i press directly the link? (look picture?) I dont now how to instal it? thnx for any help ;-) ps: Sory for my English