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  1. Hello, Anyone have success renaming Social Groups: in topic view from Groups on Profile 1.0.1 hook? I searched the lang pack and no luck. Thanks!
  2. TSP, not sure if this is your question or not but we use a lot of secondary groups as well. Check the following under Other Apps, all ranks/groups should be there for you to choose: -Settings >Global > Group Permissions -Settings >Forum Permissions Remember to go into Manage Member Groups and decide ownership/membership settings
  3. upgraded to 2.0.5, no luck for us on the Mass PM. We still get the HTML code in the PM's.
  4. I believe I found the problem, we used Social Group (renamed) for a custom application a long time ago. So technically it would be an upgrade.
  5. Hello, I've search the support topic was unable to find my problem. I purchased 2.0.4. (new install) and followed the upload instructions. Once going to the ACP IPB upgrade installation feature popped up. I followed the instructions. In ACP I am unable to install the application, infact it's not there as an option. I've run cache management and still no luck. The hooks are available but not the application. I've tried it on 2 dev boards and the same thing happens. It's almost acting like an upgrade vs new install. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!
  6. Another request/suggestion that popped up from members.... If you have multiple ranks within a community and only want some of the ranks to have the "perk of Reflection Avatar" regardless of the primary rank, add the ability for secondary ranks to have the perk.
  7. Thanks a ton! I appreciate the fast support!!! :thumbsup:
  8. ohhhh lol .... yes it would be a very nice option to add!!! Thanks again!
  9. odd, Groups didn't show up for me with 1.0.3 but I'll reinstall and try again. It stops at height and opacity. Thanks for the response!
  10. Any plans on making this a per User Group setting as an option? Pretty cool hook btw!