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  1. Phpbb3 conversion onto an existing IP Board

    So, I'd have to purchase a second license, set up the second forum, and then merge it? D:
  2. Hello, Question regarding the conversion of a forum to IPB. I have an existing IPB, which has over 160,000 posts on it. I also have a smaller phpbb3 forum which has about 2,000 posts. Is there a way to put the convert the phpbb3 forum onto the IPB without risking any part of the IPB? I say this because I definitely don't want to mess anything up on the existing IP Board, but the 2,000 posts is a bit much to ask the user of the other forum to repost (since they use it for roleplaying and existing and past threads are important). Thanks for any help.
  3. Just paid for the basic Plan

    Thanks for the response, Collin.
  4. Just paid for the basic Plan

    I know this isn't my thread, but I figure it's better than clogging things with a new thread. Do they operate on the weekends? I purchased IPB Friday night and am still waiting patiently. ._.