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  1. It generally happens on weekends too.
  2. Sorry not a WP plugin but a Joomla component that would be nice to have as an IPS application is Joocial.
  3. I hope so. I'd be using that hook/plugin. It's messy just to let people upload photos without albums.
  4. Thanks, that's a very good point as I didn't have any subforum with guests permissions. This is different to how it works on IPB 3.4 but knowing this now, I have to say that there's no technical problem as such then.
  5. The problem I'm having with this is that when I select to fetch from topics only, and from particular subforums, I can't select them. They are greyed out. Anyone having this problem? (I don't open a support ticket as this is my test installation).
  6. Thanks for letting me know that.
  7. Yes, I've just found out about this. In IPB 3.4 I use it all the time. I hope it's reintroduced somehow (preferably by IPS but if not here's another idea for a third party plugin).
  8. Okay, thanks for your reply. I hope that IPS adds this functionality at some stage because it's simply lacking. Cheers.
  9. As this app does not look like it will be upgraded to IPS 4, I wonder if anyone knows if it would be possible via some database query to transform all "Thanks" into IPS standard "Likes". At this stage I'm not asking for the query as such, but simply if the idea sounds plausible.
  10. My upgrade to IPS 4 depends on this pretty much. Until then I will push forward with 3.4.
  11. A pity as being able to select the subforums for the activity stream is a must for some communities. But while this is in revision, I have to say that the capacity of excluding subforums (rather than adding them in) would be even better, particularly when you consider some communities have many subforums and only a few of these are generally the ones people need to leave out. That's the way it's been in previous versions of IPB when it came to New Content too.
  12. Considering on 3.4 and earlier versions you could choose what groups could see profiles, and now it doesn't look like being the case (sorry if I'm mistaken as I'm new to IPS 4), this is a pretty good idea to give admins some control back. Now, does this plugin extend to the "About Me" field? Or are there any plans to do so in the future?
  13. Did you manage in the end?
  14. Oops... just discovered that it's possible to do this from the Admin CP on 4.1
  15. If I see gallery items among the Unread Content, it means it doesn't, right? Sorry, new to IPB 4, but yes, it looks to me like it's not working the way I thought it would. It keeps "all content" as the default. Any chances of an update in that case? Even if it was a paid one, I'd be happy to buy it. Cheers