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  1. So what exactly is happening with this...??
  2. wow talk about going way off topic..
  3. Yeah, if you have a really active board its recommended not to use this feature i guess.
  4. lol, what would be good is having him piss on a VBulletin logo hahaha but i dont think that would be allowed but it would make a good laugh. Thanks man, im glad you like it, colors shouldnt be a problem to change, that blue can easily be changed to what ever color the user wants.
  5. So what's happening with this?
  6. I know its awesome! Half way to go!
  7. Yeah i know its crazy, IPS should hold more donations like this. Also im using that banner in your sig (hope you dont mind)
  8. I made a small donation and everything worked fine :) no errors.
  9. This is something i would like to see IPS look into again.
  10. Here are 3 new versions of the shirt 1) Plain white on top of blue 2) All of IPS products faded 3) All of IPS products faded a little more
  11. Thanks glad you like it :) I'll give that a go and post it here.
  12. Here is my entry. are we allowed to enter as many times as we want?