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  1. I think it's the opposite. Currently, they all have the same behavior in which items in subcategory will not appear in the parent category. The suggestion is to be able to show subcategory items in the parent category, excluding the forum. And one way to implement this I think is to have multiple categories:
  2. It would be great if Meta Description will also be added with Page Number to avoid Duplicate Descriptions. This is also not specific to Pages. Forum's topic listings too doesn't have page numbers.
  3. This is one of the reason why I held back buying IPS. This behavior is evident in the Marketplace. When you click on the Applications and Plugins category, you're expecting 460 items, only to find out that it has only 3 pages with 25 items each. You'll get confused where the remaining items are.
  4. ​ ​+100 for these
  5. I hope to see this implemented in the future I have also suggested this 2 years ago.
  6. I have also suggested this before, but on IP.Content:
  7. I would like to suggest again this feature that doesn't make it in IP.Content:
  8. Would like to suggest that Questions & Answers should be separate when viewing a user's content. Right now it just mixed with Topics & Posts. For example, when viewing Lindy's content, in the sidebar there should be: Questions and AnswersQuestionsAnswers
  9. Does it support explanations for incorrect answer? Does this support random questions? Can it be setup so that there are only one or two questions per page and the user just press on Next button to answer the other questions, i.e. http://quizzes.familyeducation.com/8th-grade/8th-grade-math-tests/middle-school-math-quiz.html?
  10. Can we define different tickets for different products? Can we also set that tickets are created only if the purchased products are activated (if using manual activation)?
  11. Registered two days ago with a disposable (maybe spammy) email address and still waiting to be approved :unsure:
  12. That only shows the latest X content from the user. When you want to find more content from the user, you still end up in search results page. IMHO, it should list all Rhett's content, paginated, hence the community.invisionpower.com/user/146014-rhett/Content_Type/page-n/ suggestion. That way, we can see all his content without leaving his profile.