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  1. Who Was Online

    Ours keeps resetting "most" on line in a given 24 hour period. Not always to a higher figure. Often lower
  2. What happened to Members List?

    I agree and alphabetic members list is very useful and already missed by members in our community
  3. [HQ] Raffle System

    So frustrating. No responses to PM's or posts.
  4. [HQ] Raffle System

    Yesterday I tried to set up another raffle and have set up about 5 since we purchased this without a glitch but yesterday the payment gateway would not record the ticket sales nor the participants. I got this from Paypal earlier so not sure where to look for the problem. Our server said the is no problem on their end If you can assist us we would be forever grateful John
  5. Subscriptions Manager

    Michael I have set up a donation scale with corresponding titles on the site. Is it possible to configure this mod so it reads Donations rather than Subscriptions? I love the idea that this is automated. Really clever application and thank you! I use some of your other extras and we are indebted to your kindness and expertise.
  6. Members Online Today

    Michael many thanks for sharing your talents. This is one worthy addition indeed. I have this same problem and 90% of the members have the same problem too.